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Drone Services In London

Flying in London is little more complicated but perfectly achievable! Depending on the exact location we may need to apply to NATs for permission to fly in the London Restricted Airspace. This will incur extra admin costs.

This includes:

  • A written case study
  • Reasons for the flight
  • Location, including the longitude and latitude
  • Distance and height
  • Number of days required
  • Length of flight in time
  • A legal point of view examining why the flight is in line with the Civil Aviation Authority regulations, in terms of distances under our Permission for Commercial Operations license.

To ensure that the authorities are aware of our scheduled drone flight, a number of organisations are informed, including The Police and The Diplomatic Protection group. Once everything has been authorised, we are issued a CAD number and a flight number and are required to meticulously follow the license action points on the day of the flight.

Note: we can fly unrestricted outside of the red areas on the map below. There are also a few locations outside these restricted areas along the Thames that provide great vantage points across London.

London Restriced Airspace.jpg