Land & Site Topographical Surveys

We are a leading CAA approved operator providing cost effective Surveying solutions to the building industry, We provide fast & accurate surveys to provide a quicker turn around of Data and thus reducing cost to our clients.

Our aircraft and camera systems provide a new dimension in the Surveying industry allowing for industry standards of accuracy to be obtained in a fraction of the  time to using conventional surveying methods.

We can provide a full range of different types of survey  depending on what our clients require and can provide the Data for complex drawings of Contour, Elevation & Volume surveys all at accuracy levels to meet the needs of our clients.

We can export the Data to be used Survey drawings and can be supplied in various 2D and 3D CAD formats  to be used with all of the popular design software such as auto-cad,

We can also provide stunning digital  3D models of the site or buildings that can show the project in connection with the surrounding land & countryside to give a clear understanding of how things will look in relation to the local area.

Contour & Elevation Drawings

We provide accurate contour surveys for architects and planners of our clients to enable the progression of accurate drawings at the planning stage of the proposed site, this will lead to an accurate costing of the project and to help eliminate any unforeseen surprises as the project develops.

Volumetric & Stockpile surveys

We can provide Volumetric surveys  which are highly accurate to be able to ascertain the calculated stockpile volumes, this is a very useful resource when needed for example in the extraction of earth for a major development to calculate the cost of removing the soil of the earth works involved and leading to an accurate cost.  

A Volume survey is a variation to traditional topographical surveys where particular attention is paid to levels and boundaries.

This technology is proving its self invaluable to the open mining industry as our aircraft once they have obtained the data can download this information directly to our clients to allow a real time and instant  & accurate calculation.

We can provide our clients with  detailed drawings with tabulated volumes to meet your  requirements.