How does it work?

  • Client gives initial brief.

  • We check location for flying suitability.

  • We check airspace for any restrictions or extra permissions required.

  • Confirm job with quote.

  • We carry out a remote risk assessment.

  • We arrive & carry out an on-site safety survey.

  • Drone deployment.

  • Full editing service in our Somerset studio.

  • Or handover raw footage on site.


  • Each job varies slightly depending on the location & pre-planning.

Land owner

  • We require permission from the landowner for take off points.

Other Services

  • We can also capture ground video using gimbals for smooth video.

  • Video interviews with audio.

  • Full editing services in our Somerset studio

  • Commercial Photography

Operating limits 

  • Must fly line of sight.

  • Max. 500m horizontally from pilot.

  • Max. 120m vertically from pilot.

  • 50m distance away from anything not under our control.

  • 150m away from gatherings of 1000 or more people.

Battery limits

  • Up to 25 mins of flight time Per battery.

  • We have recharging facilities in our van.

Times of day

  • 24/7

  • We have Night Ops but we must inspect the site during daylight hours .


  • Our cameras don't like the rain or extreme wind 26mph+